Prosperity From Space to the Farm


SupremeSAT Japan KK is an innovative space company specialized in Small Satellites. The revolutionary aspects of SmallSat’s is their format which makes it very cost-effective in fabrication and transportation to space. Our aim is to make the usage of space affordable to rural communities, especially to promote precision agriculture.

Having invested heavily on the development of unique small satellites most suited for precision farming, SupremeSAT Japan has now embarked in an ambitious mission to procure and promote satellite capacity from a small satellite constellation owned by its affiliate company SupremeSAT. 

The first two small satellites are scheduled to be launched by the second quarter of 2019 in association with the Boston University and The University of Michigan. These would be the pilot launches with a twin mission to measure the earth’s magnetic field as well as to promote the company’s in-house agrarian platform – Astrocrop